Bocconi University & University of Florence Bocconi University


Bocconi University is among the top educational institutions in the field of economics, management, banking and law. It was established in 1902.
Students from around the world choose education at Bocconi University to study the market trends and to become good entrepreneurs, bankers or managers.

Maintaining close relations with companies, organizations and their management, Bocconi University constantly interacts with the business community to be aware of the actual problems, introduces new techniques and develops new research for writing a dissertation. The University also implements hundreds of training programs for managers and specialists in all areas of business and public administration.

Bocconi University includes 5 schools:

1. Undergraduate School
2. Graduate School
3. School of Law
4. PhD School
5. SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Bocconi University provides all students of any social status with opportunity to receive higher education. Scholarships are open to students, who apply for studying there at one of the faculties. In addition, the financial position of the candidate, as well as his/her performance is taken into account.

University of Florence

University of Florence (Universita degli Studi di Firenze) is one of the oldest universities in Italy and Europe, located in the town of Florence (Tuscany). The university was founded in 1321 at the expense of the Florentine republic, based on the school, opened in 825. There are more than 30,000 students.

1. Faculty of Agriculture,
2. Faculty of Architecture,
3. Faculty of Economics,
4. Faculty of Pharmacy,
5. Faculty of Law,
6. Faculty of Engineering,
7. Faculty of Literature and Philosophy,
8. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery,
9. Faculty of psychology,
10. Faculty of political sciences,
11. Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences,
12. Faculty of educational sciences.

There are more than 20 scientific research institutes. The university has library that integrates National Central Library (founded in 1747, over 4 million volumes) and Maruchelli Library (founded in 1752, about 0.5 million volumes of manuscripts, incunabula and old edition). There are observatory, Museum of Natural History, etc.

The University offers six master’s programs in English:
1. Natural Resources Management for Rural Development
2. Architectural design
3. Design of sustainable tourism systems
4. Economics and development
5. Finance and Risk Management
6. International Relations and European Studies

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