MacKeeper’s Memory Cleaner – smart utility for RAM management

If you use MacKeeper 3, you might have noticed a new tool called Memory Cleaner. MacKeeper is a bundled utility software trusted by thousands of customers. How does it work and why would you need such a feature? Let’s find out.

Memory Cleaner is a smart utility developed to make the RAM management on your Mac as easy as it can possibly be. In case you don’t know what RAM or random-access memory is, make sure you read one of our previous posts.

As can be easily guessed from the name, Memory Cleaner helps to free up memory on the computer without you digging deep into System Preferences or exploring Activity Monitor. Once you install MacKeeper and log in to your account, you can start using the handy instrument.


The window that opens up after you hit Start Using Memory Cleaner lets you take a look at the interface of the tool, your Mac’s Memory Status as well as at the Advanced Options. Apart from that, one can hit Clean Memory Quickly for instant RAM cleanup.


Of the greatest interest, however, is the Advanced Options tab, so I guess we should stop here for a while.


As shown in the screenshot above, from the Advanced Options section you can set up automatic random-access memory cleanups and choose Cleanup ModeBasic or Advanced.

Those who don’t want or have no time for opening MacKeeper and Memory Cleaner each time they plan to release RAM should definitely give Automatic Cleanup a try. Once you move the toggle to the right, you will be prompted to set the limit of free memory for auto cleanup. Basically, 10% is more than enough, but if you want to increase this number, go ahead and try.



Finally, some words about cleanup modes. If you need to free up RAM right now and don’t mind letting some active processes consume it, you should choose the basic mode. If you have an older Mac that seems to be sluggish and unresponsive, make sure you select the advanced cleanup.

That’s how you use Memory Cleaner on your Mac.

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