Taken in 10 minutes: how to write the perfect personal statement

Most of the college or university applicants have no experience in writing personal statements. This is completely normal, as we do not apply to different institutions every day. So the best thing you can do is to use the experience of others rethought to your advantage.

Think of the way you’d like to present yourself to the admissions. Write down the qualities and ideas you’d like to illustrate with your letter and then incorporate them to your life facts.

Many experts recommend taking your time and showing the draft letter to friends and people around. Ideally, they have to be at least acquainted with this type of letters.

Do’s and don’ts

Be original and try to show your respect in the letter. Plagiarism is a big no-no. Also, it doesn’t make sense because you have to tell our own story. It may seem that you don’t know what to say about yourself, but that’s not true. Think of your motivation, academic experience and extracurricular activities. Really strong candidates often manage to combine their after-school activities with their desired specialization.

Emphasize your otherness

Think of it from the position of your admission board: what would you like to see in the letter? Most of them think of it in terms of knowing you better. So make your perfect personal statement show that you’re the right choice and give a sneak peek of your personality. Write from your heart yet stay within reasonable framework. Adding your experiences in community help, volunteering, and charity participation is not the only thing you can do.

Tell a bit of your reasons to choose this path, but try to avoid flattery to the institution. Talk about the profession itself.

Receive some help

Ask for help with the personal statement. You may want to ask your experienced friends who have successfully applied to some university assist you a bit and review your letter. Also, search for the letters of those who were accepted to the university on the internet.

Pay attention to the place. A personal statement for the UK can greatly vary from the one created for a US college.

What else can I do, you ask? Some students resort to the assistance of ghost writers, but this rarely appears to be a good idea. They do not know you, thus, can only imagine you from the messages you’ve sent. Also, not every such ‘professional’ is actually a good author. Some of them may be beginners, as well. So take your time and create that paper.

Be attentive, be creative, be honest. You can do this.